Friday post: what joy do you bring as a leader?

I had a lovely evening last night sharing and reminiscing with some colleagues who have all been involved in leadership education. One thing we talked about is how to balance the idea of efficiency--how do we minimize the costs of producing leadership programs?--with the idea of impact--how do we maximize the positive impact we have on people?

For me, the notion of pure efficiency just doesn't work in a human organization ā€“ and all of our organizations are human organizations. The qualities that bring out our best, that raise our contributions to the highest level, are not easily represented on the balance sheet.

Of those qualities that bring out the best, I will highlight Joy ā€“ infectious Joy as expressed in this wonderful musical video by Jon Batiste:

I love the joy expressed here! 

How does your leadership work express joy? Perhaps more importantly, how does your leadership work enable joy in the people on your team?

That is a great question to ponder for the weekend and beyond. Many thanks as always!

Dale Rebhorn

Dale Rebhorn

Dale Rebhorn is a teacher and student of leadership.
Madison, Wisconsin, USA