How this works

Photo by Michal Matlon on Unsplash

To keep me honest, and to keep a flow of useful information out to support you as leaders who subscribe, I will keep the following schedule on this site:

Mondays and Thursdays: Look for an idea or useful thought on those days every week. This might include an idea from a book that I am reading or an activity that you might try with your team. These postings will always be free!  

Fridays: I have been collecting videos that I use for inspiration and thinking-outside-the-box. It might be music, it might be something tweet-worthy, it might be something that I just never knew before or found while browsing. Fridays will be a little like a good church pot-luck supper: you might get more desserts or salads than you prefer, but there definitely will be a variety and often a good recipe to take home.

Special content: As I create special content, I will be making that available for paid subscribers. For now, you can find information about special content on my book study page. You can find out more about those offerings here.  

One final note: I am looking at many other websites and I am working to find the best ways to share ideas and support leaders, while at the same time trying to at least offset the costs of being online these days. I have a couple of ways that I am considering doing this:

  1. Affiliate links. By using Amazon affiliate links, I can also use photos from Amazon of the books that I am supporting in the book study programs. It also would give useful links to samples and selected photos of books, as well as reviews. There won't be requirements to use Amazon! But the only way I can use their photos and materials is through an affiliate link.
  2. I'm not planning to use sponsors or, heaven forbid, targeted advertising. However, some of my favorite sites do occasionally use a sponsor or an advertisement from a company or organization that aligns with their values, and I may consider such a relationship at some point in the future. But not for now!  I find the intrusions from slow loading ads, targeting advertising, and the like to be highly annoying at best, so you won't find that here.