Friday post: speed and precision

There are perhaps a zillion videos out there with trick shots for billiards and pool, but I saw this short one from Clifford Pickover on Twitter and I couldn't resist:

(Tip: You will find a bunch of amazing math and science links if you subscribe to him on Twitter.)

Here's how this relates to leadership: There are any number of tasks that your team has to accomplish during a given year.

Some of your team's work requires an amazing degree of accuracy and practice, like in this video.  (I was thinking that it is now just over four years from my open heart surgery. That would be an example of the need for accuracy and practice.)

Some of your team's work should be done quickly so that you can try it out, or just learn if something works, or complete what is needed and move on.

One of the things that great leaders do is to figure out with their teams which tasks need accuracy and practice, and which are for testing, learning or compliance.

The less time you spend on unneeded accuracy or precision, the happier your team will be.  

Thanks as always for reading!  

Dale Rebhorn

Dale Rebhorn

Dale Rebhorn is a teacher and student of leadership.
Madison, Wisconsin, USA