Friday post: leadership from anywhere

Do you love the daily Google Doodle? I think it is a wonderful invention.

Google has gone a long way to add breadth and diversity to their daily doodle. I appreciate that I will often find someone or something new on any given day.

I also think that we need to keep working on inspiration and diversity in our leadership models. When I ask people about great leaders, I often get some predictable responses: Abraham Lincoln and Steve Jobs are on everyone's list. When pressed a bit to think more broadly, people will bring up Mahatma Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, or Martin Luther King Jr.

But there are literally millions of other leaders out there that few people are familiar with. The Google Doodle is one place I where I regularly learn about someone new to me.

Here's one from just this week: Would you have included Kamal Ranadive on a list of great leaders? I had not heard of her before, but a read through her Wikipedia entry shows a long list of directorships, projects, joint papers, and special studies that she led.

Dr. Kamal Ranadive’s 104th Birthday
Dr. Kamal Ranadive’s 104th Birthday! #GoogleDoodle

Google keeps an archive of their doodles here, including doodles that are used outside of the US. I am now checking on Roehana Koeddoes from Indonesia, another woman leader who I have never read about before. I have lots to learn!  

I hope this week's post lets you expand your pool of great leaders.  Enjoy –

Dale Rebhorn

Dale Rebhorn

Dale Rebhorn is a teacher and student of leadership.
Madison, Wisconsin, USA